CAPE Holland

Dutch vibro-piling specialist CAPE Holland offers complete piling solutions rather than just equipment for the on- and offshore piling industry worldwide

It develops, manufactures, sells and rents a range of vibro-hammers, power units and auxiliary products. This is always done in close cooperation with the customer. 


The Company Management Team was appointed from personnel experienced and active in the areas of construction, foundation and piling equipment for many years. Through the great skills and a large network, CAPE Holland has a quality reputation world-wide. The combination of good management and quality products enabled the Company to prosper.

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Vibro Lifting Tool

Vibro Lifting Tool-Upend (VLT-U)

The CAPE Vibro Systemâ„¢

Vibro Lifting Tool-Upend (VLT-U)



The offshore capabilities of CAPE Holland:

  • Offshore wind projects
  • Offshore Oil & Gas projects
  • Customised foundation solutions
  • Rental of vibro and impact hammers 


The onshore capabilities of CAPE Holland

  • Customised foundation solutions
  • Rental of vibro and impact hammers 
  • Maintenance and revision of piling equipment


Join us at the following events:


  • OTC (Offshore Technology Conference)

      4-7 May  |  Houston  |  USA

  • SPE Offshore Europe

      8-11 September  | Aberdeen | UK

  • Offshore energy

​      13-14 October | Amsterdam | The Netherlands



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