Hillcon ready for BAUMA 2010

01 april 2010

Hillcon Piling Equipment B.V. located in Beilen – The Netherlands, has finished the next GLS piling rig ready for BAUMA 2010. On stand number F6 N612/4 the Hillcon HSCX900 will be shown. After the exhibition the machine will be delivered to Vroom Funderingstechnieken B.V., in Oosthuizen – The Netherlands.


During the largest international Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and construction equipment, BAUMA 2010 in Munich – Germany, which will be held from 19.04.2010 up till 25.04.2010, “the largest Hillcon piling rig up till now” will be exhibited, the spokesman of Hillcon Piling Equipment B.V., Laurens de Neef tells.

“The largest up till now” is definitely the case. The HSCX900 is built on a Hitachi SCX900 boom crane base machine, which is completely adjusted for this purpose. The machine has a complete reinforced frame with an accompanying slewing ring, delivered by the Japanese factory. Further adjustments, and thus the complete GLS construction and assembly as well, has being done in the Hillcon workshop in Beilen – The Netherlands. “For this we worked in close cooperation with Hitachi The Netherlands as well as with a number of regional suppliers”, Laurens informs.

The Hillcon HSCX900 GLS is a “Multi Purpose” piling rig, with a number of striking specifications. E.g. the machine can be equipped with a complete construction leader with a maximum leader length up to 50,7 meters. A variant to this leader is a combined box- and construction leader, which can also be built up to 50,7 meters.

With the last mentioned leader, drilling with a rotary head with a torque of 50 t-m can be used from 30,5 meters high on the box leader parts. The construction leader parts above that point can handle 15 t-m torque.

Other configurations are possible as well, with which the leader can handle a torque of 50 t-m from approx. 41 meters high.

In the standard lay-out of box and construction leader, the Hillcon HSCX900 GLS can self erect a leader including pulling head with a length of 41,0 meters without any problem. With longer leader configurations, crane assistance is required for erecting the piling rig. With the new designed pulling head, a maximum pulling force of 120 tons can be reached.

The main and second winch of the HSCX900 GLS have a maximum line pull of 20,0 tons. The erecting winch has a line pull of 15,6 tons. Next to that, several other winches are constructed on the piling rig, for various piling techniques.

The Hillcon HSCX900 GLS concept is meant as a solid platform for various piling techniques. By choosing the concept base machine with attaching hammers, rotary heads, vibratory drivers / extractors and power units, the machine can be used for multifarious techniques. The power pack frame on the back of the machine can handle a power unit with a maximum weight of 15 tons. 

In the various configurations, the HSCX900 GLS can be an ideal platform for the following piling techniques:

· Drilled displacement piles with a rotary head of 50 t-m, combined with maximum 120 tons extraction force and 40 tons pull-down;

· Vibro-piles with a hydrohammer, combined with maximum 120 tons extraction force;

· Prefab piling with a hydraulic or diesel hammer with a hammer weight up to 24 tons.
With this a pile weight of 24,3 tons is possible with a pile length of 36,0 meters;

· Drilling with an auger, combined with extraction force and pull-down;

· Tubular drilling with two rotary heads, combined with extraction force and pull-down;

· Vibrating sheet piles or tubes, combined with extraction force and pull-down.

Next to the Hillcon HSCX900 GLS we also have a smaller version of the GLS concept in our delivery program; the Hillcon HSCX700 GLS. Equipped with a tubular leader, drilling with a rotary head of 40 t-m torque is possible, and a maximum pulling force of 80 tons is at disposal. The maximum leader length for this type is 43,0 meters. For this machine as well several configurations are possible, like with the HSCX900 GLS.

Next to Hillcon Piling Equipment B.V., Laurens de Neef is also spokesman for the other related companies, which work from the same location as Hillcon, in Beilen – The Netherlands. “We want to offer a complete package ” the creed sounds. A part of that is our rental fleet with hydrohammers, vibratory drivers / extractors and the accompanying power packs.

Further we can offer a complete delivery program of vibratory drivers / extractors of APE, from the United States together with our in house build power units. These comply with the latest emission requirements in Europe. A good example of that is our 1080 power pack, with a revolutionary setup of the two engines and the cooling. With that we are aiming for the most quiet power pack with the lowest exhaust emission. We want to comply with that to the development on the market where terms as “carbon footprint” and “socially responsible” are getting more important. The 1080 power pack will also be shown on the BAUMA 2010. 

“All in all it will definitely be very interesting to pay our booth at the BAUMA 2010 a visit”, Laurens de Neef claims with a grin. Certain pride is quite justified when you accomplish such with your team. The team spirit is and will remain a very important element at Hillcon Piling Equipment B.V. and the related companies.


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