The CV-80 VLT-U is a smaller version in the VLT range, that is able to upend, handle and (part) install anchor piles, jetty piles etc. 

The CV-80 VLT-Ucan also be used to mitigate the risk of a stuck follower as it wille be able to mount and extract the follower in such an event.

*Pile diameters listed are with standard configuration, smaller or larger diameters are possible upon request.


  • Lloyd's Register certified (CLAME)

  • Compact design

  • Upending

  • Easily adaptable for different diameters

  • High line pull (131t)

  • Built for subsea operation (<500m)

  • Integrated live verticality measurement system

  • Containerised transport possible

  • Low pile pick up

  • ROV Emergency release system

Operational data
  • Eccentric moment 80 kgm
  • Max. Centrifugal force 1,720 kN
  • Max. line pull 131 Te
  • Max. Safe Working Load (SWL) 100 Te
  • Max. Operating pressure 350 bar
  • Max. Frequency 1,400 rpm
  • Max. oil flow 750 l/min
  • Temperature range -25/+45°C
  • Max. Water depth 500 m
  • Clamps 2x OC-125
  • Max. pressure 350 bar
  • Weight 16,000 Kg
  • Dynamic weight 9,500 Kg
  • Length 3,400 mm
  • Width 1,200 mm
  • Height 3,200 / 4,000 mm
  • Min. pile diameter: 762 mm
  • Max. pile diameter: 1,626 mm
  • Lloyd's Register CLAME
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