Rapid Load Testing (RLT) is an alternative for Static Load Testing (SLT) of foundation piles. The StatRapid (STR) device has been designed to perform Rapid Load Testing in a safe, reliable and cost effective way. During Rapid Load Testing the load duration is such that pile and soil behaviour are quasi static.

A StatRapid device consists of a lifting and guidance frame, a modular drop mass, a catch mechanism and a modular soft spring system. The size and duration of the load can be adjusted by varying the drop mass weight, the spring stiffness and the lifting height. The system is hydraulically operated and has sensors for a proper vertical and stable position. It should be noted that the dead weight of the drop mass can also be used for the first (static) loading cycle.

Advantages of the CAPE StatRapid system:

* Self operating system, easy to transport.
* Fully hydraulically driven, so no problems with pyrotechnic fuses.
* Modular drop system.
* Hydraulic brakes which catch the drop weight, to prevent unwanted reload cyclus.
* Comply to ASTM D7383.
* Under frame with hydraulic legs, for optimal adjusting to level the system.
* Controlled with joysticks, using a PLC control in the power unit.
* Including load cell, accelerometer and optical system for pile head monitoring.
* Including datalog software and license for StatRapid monitoring / analysis software.
* Can be transported in 20 foot containers.




Operational data
  • Length 5,900 mm
  • Width 5,900 mm
  • Height 7,320 mm
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