CAPE Vibro System™

The CAPE Vibro System™ is the next evolution in vibro technology, combining fast installation with Lloyds certified lifting and handling which results in highly efficient and safe installation conditions. 

Advantages CAPE Vibro System™:


  • Upending/VLT
  • Certified Offshore Lifting and Handling Tool (Lloyds)
  • Fast installation (up to 5 times quicker in sand)
  • Low noise emissions (no noise mitigation required)
  • Low fatigue
  • Elimination of "Free Pile Run"
  • Extraction of piles possible
  • Subsea operation prepared
  • Modular expandable 

Description of the CAPE Vibro System™

At the base of the system is the latest and largest single vibro gearbox in the world with a total eccentric moment of 320kgm. By adding more of these together, Mega Vibro’s can be configured with up to 1280kgm for the largest standard configuration. But even larger is possible on project specific basis.


Full installation control

The key advantage of the vibro hammer with upend option (VLT-U) opposed to traditional installation methods is the fact that the vibro is fixed to the pile at all time allowing full control over the installation process and the ability to pick up a stored pile, bring it to a vertical position, hang it overboard and install it, all in one operation. With the pile attached to the vibro hammer hanging in the crane, there is no need for an installation frame on the sea floor or a pile gripper on the side of the vessel. Piles are hanging vertical due to gravity, but can be corrected during operation if they go out of tolerance due to external forces. In worst cases, the pile can even be extracted and re-installed.  As the vibro can operate above as well as below water, it doesn’t matter if large monopiles for wind turbines are being installed or pin piles for subsea structures at depths up to 500m.



Specifications CAPE Vibro

  • Standard pile range  600 mm - 6,600 mm / 24 - 260 inch
  • Capacity up to 1600t
  • Water depth up to 2500m
  • Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting appliances
  • Available for rental & purchase
  • Patent pending design




  • Pin pile installation
  • Jacket pile installation
  • Monopile installation (XXL)
  • Anchor pile installation
  • Conductor pile installation
  • Decommissioning


The modular Vibro hammer can be supplied in the following configurations:




Each of these sets can be equiped with an Upend option(VLT-U).


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