Hillcon Piling Equipment BV is an independent company operating under the wings of CAPE  Holland Holding.

Hillcon  is specialized in building hydraulic piling machines with an integrated leader construction. It is an answer to the demand of a good alternative for the trusted “GLS” concept. The base machine is a Hitachi.

At the engineering department the most accurate drawings and calculations are made with the latest software and the most recent hardware. Not only the design, but also the production takes place at Hillcon Piling Equipment B.V. in Beilen, the Netherlands.

As you are accustomed to with CAPE Holland, the service level of a piece of HILLCON Piling Equipment is of a high level. Besides the well known HSCX700-GLS, HSCX900-GLS and HFR336, the selection will be extended with more multiple models in future. All these models can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer. It has its own service department with very skilled mechanics. Of course, HILLCON Piling Equipment will do the repairs of alternative manufactures.

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