• NAM L13-FI load out

  • NAM L13-FI load out

  • NAM L13-FI installation

  • NAM L13-FI installation

  • NAM L13-FI installation

  • Hillcon HSCX700 GLS off to Bulgaria

  • Hillcon HSCX700 GLS off to Bulgaria

  • CV-80 VLT-U

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2014 - present time

Major milestone manufacturing and successful application of the Vibro Lifting Tool

In 2015, the first three Vibro Lifting Tools of 320 kgm were manufactured. A major milestone during this year for CAPE Holland was the first application of the single upending configuration of the CV-320 VLT-U.  In just one 12 hour shift, 4 piles were driven in up to 90m water depth for the pre-piling project for the Culzean Wellhead Platform jacket which was installed in 2016.  


Expanding Vibro Lifting Tool product range

After the encouraging feedback of the Vibro Lifting Tool concept, CAPE Holland expanded her rental fleet with the development of a 80 kgm Vibro Lifting Tool. This is a smaller version to fulfil the market demand for a stabbing tool to be able to upend, handle and (partly) install anchor piles, pin piles, jetty piles etc. The first two CV-80 VLT-U's have been manufactured in 2016 and were deployed in early 2016 for an oil and gas project.


Expanded rental fleet

CAPE Holland expaned her impact hammer rental fleet, which now contains the following hammers: IHC S-90, S-150, S-200 and S-280, with a selection of sleeves in the sizes 30", 35", 48", 64", and 120".

The CAPE Vibro Systemâ„¢

In 2014, our engineering department was developing a system in order to reduce the cost of installation and noise emissions. This development has resulted in the CAPE Vibro Systemâ„¢, a Lloyd's Register certified lifting appliance, which can be configured with an upending option. 




Breakthrough offshore succes

With a large fleet of hydraulic impact and vibro hammers for sale and rent for the on- and offshore industry worldwide, CAPE Holland deepened her involvement in the offshore market. The breakthrough success offshore was the development of a multiple linked vibro-hammer for the Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm project in 2012, driving 30 monopiles of 750 tonnes fast and silently into the German North Sea floor.




CAPE Holland

CAPE Holland was founded in 2002 by a father and son team, set on extending the family links within the piling sector, which began in the 19th century. Although the company started as an international piling equipment trading company, it soon started engineering and constructing special equipment for the piling industry.

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