CAPE Holland and Allnamics work together on StatRapid project in Barcelona

04 december 2017

In October, CAPE Holland provided Allnamics Pile Testing Experts BV with operational assistance at their StatRapid project in the port of Barcelona. In nine days a total of 25 piles with a diameter of 1500mm and a length of about 30 meter were tested with test loads ranging from 8 to 12 MN. The fully assembled 63 ton machine has been repositioned for each location. A drop weight of 40 ton was used for all tests.

The development of StatRapid was a joint engineering program of Allnamics and CAPE Holland. Rapid Load Testing (RLT) is an alternative for the Static Load Testing (SLT) of foundation piles. During Rapid Load Testing, the load time is such that the pile behaves quasi-static.

The StatRapid (STR) device is designed to perform Rapid Load Testing safely, reliable and cost-effective. It provides far better reliability of results than dynamic load tests can provide. The StatRapid has a modular drop mass system, a hydraulic drop mass lifting and release system. It is easy to transport in open top containers. It conforms to ASTM D7383 and NEN-EN ISO 22477-10.

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