Expanding Vibro Lifting Tool range with the CV-80 VLT-U

02 november 2015

New development in the Vibro Lifting Tool product range! The CV-80 VLT-U

The CV-80 VLT-U is CAPE Holland’s latest development after the encouraging feedback it received after the introduction of the Vibro Lifting Tool concept. It became clear that the combination of a vibratory hammer with a certified lifting tool that is also able to upend a pile and is designed for subsea operations got many customers interested.

Having first produced the largest single gearbox vibro hammer in the world (CV-320) for the installation of pin piles, monopiles etc. the next step was to develop a smaller version to fulfil the market demand for a stabbing tool to be able to upend, handle and (part) install anchor piles, pin piles, jetty piles etc. Particularly for subsea installations where traditionally seabed frames are used, the VLT can bring serious savings to a project in time and money and shortening the required working window per operation.

If an impact hammer is required to drive the pile to below the mudline, the CV-80 VLT-U can also be used to mitigate the risk of a stuck follower as it will be able to mount to and extract the follower in such an event.

The first two CV-80 VLT-U’s are in the make and will be deployed in early 2016 for an oil and gas project.


More information about the advantages of the CV-80 VLT-U

Product page: CV-80 VLT-U

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