Seaway Heavy Lifting takes possession of a CAPE Holland Tandem CV-320 Vibro Lifting Tool

15 juni 2015

On Friday, May 22nd, CAPE Holland officially handed over a Tandem CV-320 Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT) to Seaway Heavy Lifting during the CAPE Holland Product Launch. This new acquisition replaces the tandem vibro set which Seaway Heavy Lifting purchased from CAPE Holland in 2012 after a successful deployment during the monopile installation project of Riffgat OWF. 

The VLT is the latest development of CAPE Holland. The Tandem consist of two CV-320 vibro hammers with a combined eccentric moment of 640 kgm and provides 13,706 kN  of centrifugal force. This Lloyd’s Register certified lifting appliance is capable of handling and installing piles with a pile diameter from 2,900 mm up to 5,100 mm with the standard OC-300 Clamps. 

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