Offshore Oil & Gas

Vibro technology has been used in the offshore oil and gas industry for many years and is increasing in popularity due to the multiple advantages it brings compared to the traditional installation methods. Particularly the fact that the vibro hammer is fixed to the pile by means of hydraulic clamps brings the following advantages:

The vibro hammer is frequently used in the oil and gas industry to install jacket piles in combination with an impact hammer. The reason for using the vibro here is to use it to position the pile and then to drive it until it is stable before the impact hammer is placed. This mitigates the risk of the jacket or template toppling over due to the leaning pile, particularly when a heavy impact hammer is placed. This way a relatively small vibro can be used to position and stabilise a pile before a large impact hammer is placed.


The risk of "Free Pile run" is also an important reason for choosing a vibro hammer in high risk soft soils. First of all the risk of free pile run is already mitigated as there are no sudden bursts of energy released into the pile and secondly as the pile is fixed to the vibro, the pile can't "run".

Advantages by using the vibro hammer for the offshore oil & gas market:

  • Vibro hammer can be used as lifting and handling tool - CAPE VLT
  • No need for an installation frame or pile gripper
  • Free pile run due to soft soils is mitigated
  • Extraction possible in case of misalignment or de-commissioning.


  • Fast installation speed
  • Low fatigue levels
  • Low noise emissions, benefiting sea life and the environment
  • Ability to link multiple hammers to be able to install large piles (up to 1600t)

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