S-90 drives raker piles 1:1 in Belgium


In the port of Antwerp Beglium (Doeldok), near the town of Verrebroek a quay wall is being constructed for the mooring of seagoing vessels. The quay wall has a total length of ± 300 meters and is being constructed as a combi wall which consists of steel tubes ø 1.680 mm with sheetwall sheets between them. CAPE Holland was awarded the rental job for an S-90 hydrohammer, which is being used to pile anchor piles (MV piles) under an angle of 45° (1:1 raked).

The H-beams, which are installed at the same interval as the steel tubes, are being fixed in the soil by means of grout injection. After which they are able to take tensile forces.

The project is being realized over a period of ±14 weeks and will be executed partially on land and
partially on water (with the machine on a barge). 

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