Cylinders and Power unit Hoogwatergeul


Van Hattum en Blankevoort has granted CAPE Holland the assignment to come up with a solution to operate the 60 floodgates of the Hoogwatergeul (flood barrier) in between Veessen and Wapenveld (The Netherlands).

When the original design changed from concrete gates to steel gates the decision to operate them hydraulically proved to be the most feasible one. Each individual steel floodgate is operated by two hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are mounted onto the bridge whenever a high water level situation is predicted.

The actual opening takes place by means of a mobile hydraulic Power Unit, which for this specific application was specially designed to operate the cylinders synchronously. During the opening or closing sequence the cylinders are hydraulically connected to the Power Unit by means of a multi-coupler, the so called “hot-stab”. The hot-stabs can be disconnected after opening or closing of each individual floodgate. After disconnection the floodgate will remain in opened or closed position and the operators are able to move on to the next floodgate to either open or close it.

For logistical purposes CAPE Holland also designed transport- / storage skids to transport and store the cylinders when not in use. 

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