Mooring Piles – Kanaaldok B3, Antwerpen (2016)


In February 2016 the SINGLE CV-320 upending Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT-U) was used for installation of 13 piles at the Kanaaldok B3 in Antwerpen. These piles will be used to build a jetty to serve as a temporary mooring place. The piles, 35 meters long and 2.9 meters in diameter, were picked up, lifted upright and  stabbed, driven as deep as possible, only using the CV-320 VLT-U. All 13 were in position in record time of just 4 days. After all piles were installed they were driven to final penetration with a 500 kJ Impact Hammer.

Reason fro equipment choice

  • No guiding frame required
  • No additional lifting tools required
  • Significant handling time reductions
  • Option to extract if out of tolerance
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