Substation Jacket Piles - Helwin α, Borwin β and Sylwin α (2013)


In the spring of 2013 the CAPE Tandem 600 was used for the installation of pin piles for a substation base frame and CAT in the German North Sea. the piles weighed up to 300 tons and had diameters varying between 3,2 and 2 meters. The vibro hammer was used to place the pile in the jacket and drive it straight away without having to support the pile for tool change. The piles were vibro driven to stability and than to final penetration using an impact hammer. In 2014 the same hammer was used to do a similar job for the SylWin Substation in the North Sea. 

Reason for equipment choice:

  • Stable pile before Impact Hammer was placed
  • Fast installation
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