Large Diameter Pile – Macau Bridge, Hong Kong (2011)


In December 2011, APE USA in corporation with CAPE Holland finished a project with the largest multiple linked vibratory hammer set ever used. The so-called "OCTAKONG", utilised eight APE 600 Vibro hammers. A total of 124 piles for the Hong Kong -Macau bridge project were installed to form 2 islands which will be connected, with a tunnel to create a shipping navigation lane. The piles with a diameter of 22 meters were up to 50 meters long and weighed up to 650 tons each. The piles were then filled with sand , whereafter the centres of the islands were drained back filled and formed the entrances to the tunnel. 

Reason for equipment choice

  • Extreme large diameter possible 
  • No guiding frame required
  • Controlled installation


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