Large Diameter Pile – Week Island, Louisiana USA (2015)


In November 2015,  the SINGLE CV-320 VLT with a specially fabricated base frame was used for the installation of a cofferdam. The pile was divided into two bolted sections of 11.3 and 6.7 meter.


The first section was placed onto the mudline, after which the CV-320 VLT was placed on top and used to vibrate the first section to target penetration. After the VLT was removed, the second section was placed and bolted to the first section. Finally, the VLT was placed on top again to vibrate the complete cofferdam to final penetration.

Reason for equipment choice

  • No guiding frame required 
  • Swamp condition, no acces for heavy equipment
  • Large diameter possible with custom beam
  • No hammer damage to top of sections
  • Option to extract if out of tolerance
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