Large Vibro Corer - Fécamp, France (2014 & 2015)


For the site investigation project for the future offshore wind parks Courseuilles and Fécamp difficulties were encountered during the geological survey. Due to the weathered chalk layers, the recovery achieved of the standard vibro corer equipment (100mm diameter) was unusable and a test was initiated by EDF Energy to design and construct a large diameter vibro corer. Marine Sampling Holland was appointed to execute this test and they enlisted the help of CAPE Holland to provide the vibro equipment. The APE 150 (with the installation frame attached) was successfully used to drive the specially developed piles to target penetration and then extract the pile all in one operation. The pile consisted of two halves which were bolted together containing a plastic liner to catch the soil sample. After recovery to deck, the liner was removed and stored horizontally. A new liner was then placed for the next sample. A total of 21 samples were taken and sent to the lab for examination.

Reason for equipment choice

  • Driving to final penetration
  • Extraction 
  • Reuse of pile possible due to low fatique induced
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