Pipe Line Starter Piles - Maersk Tyra & Valdermar, North Sea Germany (2013, 2014)


In 2013, CAPE Holland supplied an APE 200-6 (CV-76) vibro hammer to drive a gas line start-up pile into North Sea seabed, which was then used to lay a 16" pipeline after which the pile was extracted and reused at a different location to lay an 8" pipeline. After completion the pipe was extracted again. Being able to drive the pile fast subsea and the ability to also extract the pile with the same tool not only made this job simple,  it also reduced the critical path of the operation. As a result of the succesful application in 2013, CAPE Holland supplied the same equipment to the customer in 2014 to drive and extract the same start up pile to lay another  two 8"  gas pipe lines int he same area. 

Reason for equipment choice:

  • One tool for positioning and installation
  • No template required 
  • Extration of pile possible
  • Reuse of pile possible due to low fatigue induced
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