Soft Yoke Mooring System, Sergipe, Brasil (2019)


A SINGLE CV-320 VLT-U was used off the coast of Brasil for the upending and driving 3 anchor piles through an anchor base of a Soft Yoke Mooring System for an FSRU. The soft soil layers posed a serious risk of instability of the anchor base but also of the piles before the impact hammer would be placed. Thanks to the fixed connection between the VLT and the pile, this instability risk was completely negated. The anchor base stayed stable during the vibro driving of the piles. The two cranes of the vessel made it possible to upend the piles partly submerged and negated the need of an upend frame on deck. The piles were driven with an average net driving time of just 2 minutes to the required 15m penetration depth. Once all 3 piles were stable in the base, they were driven to final penetration with an impact hammer with a follower.

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