CAPE Holland Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT)

The VLT is a Lloyd's Register certified lifting appliance, and is the latest development in reducing the cost of installation and noise emissions.

Advantages VLT

  • Certified lifting appliance
  • Fast installation
  • No need for noise mitigation
  • Large diameter piles
  • Verticality measuring system
  • Extraction possible
  • Low fatique
  • Subsea
  • Modular setup

Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT)

The VLT is a flexible, powerful, and completely modular Vibro hammer that can be supplied in single, tandem, triple or quad configuration, with or without upend option.

with th choice of base frames and pile clamps there are plenty of configurations to use this system for almost any pile diameter, standard up to 6.6 meter. Even larger is possible, please contact us for more information and discuss the challanges of your specific project.


 Configurations VLT




* Triple configurations upon request

Installation with the Vibro Lifting Tool

 The CAPE Vibratory hammer with the Vibro Lifiting Tool is able to drive a pile down  and is able to correct the verticality while driving if necessary.

In certain soil conditions and/or very long of piles it may be preferable to use an impact hammer for full installation however the VLT will be the ideal tool to install the pile because the vibro hammer is placed on top of an instable pile. As there is a fixed connection between the pile and VLT the risk of “Free Pile Run” is eliminated. This is a risk that normally occurs on the top layers of very weak soils.  

Another advantage of the vibro is that the installation of the pile can be corrected during operation if they go out of tolerance due to external forces. In worst cases, the pile can even be extracted and re-installed.  As the vibro can operate above as well as below water, it doesn’t matter if large monopiles for wind turbines are being installed or pin piles for subsea structures at depths up to 500m.

Specifications VLT

  • Standard pile range  600 mm - 6,600 mm / 24 - 260 inch
  • Standard up to 2000t line pull
  • Water depth up to 500m
  • Lloyd's Register certified lifting appliance
  • Available for sale & rental
  • Patent pending design




An evolution in VLT use has taken place over the years from simple pile handling into use during various installations, such as:

  • Pin pile installation
  • Jacket pile installation
  • Monopile installation (XXL)
  • Anchor pile installation
  • Conductor pile installation
  • Decommissioning
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