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  • NAM L13-FI installation

CAPE Holland Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT-U)


Apart from the main benefits of vibro hammer installation being fast and quiet installation, the Vibro Lifting Tool with Upend option of the CAPE Vibro System™ can significantly save on the installation time by reducing the number of handling operations.

Advantages VLT-U


  • All advantagesof the CAPE VLT
  • Fewer handling operation
  • No ILT required
  • No need for Gripper
  • No need for (seabed) installation frame
  • Reduce deck space

Vibro Lifting Tool-Upend (VLT-U)


Installation with the Vibro Lifting Tool-Upend

 The Vibro Lifting Tool  with the Upend option is able to pick up a stored pile (up to 1600t), upend it to a vertical position, lift it to the correct position and drive it down (correcting verticality while driving if necessary) in one single handling operation without the need of a gripper or seabed installation frame.


In certain soil conditions and/or very long of piles it may be preferable to use an impact hammer for full installation however the VLT-U will be the ideal tool to handle the pile, stab it and drive it to a depth where the pile is stable, eliminating the risks normally associated with leaving a pile leaning against the installation frame, jacket etc. to remove an ILT before the Impact Hammer is placed on top of an instable pile. As there is a fixed connection between the pile and VLT/VLT-U  the risk of “Free Pile Run” is eliminated. This is a risk that normally occurs on the top layers of very weak soils.  


Reduce in deck space

The lifting and upending tool also reduces deck space and the amount of additional equipment required as it combines the functionality of an Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) and pile driver into one upending, handling and installation tool - Vibro Lifting Tool-Upend (VLT-U).

New development in the

Vibro Lifting Tool product range!
The CV-80 VLT-U.

This is a smaller version in the VLT range to fulfil the market demand for a stabbing tool to be able to upend, handle and (part) install anchor piles, pin piles, jetty piles etc.

Here you can read more of this new VLT

Specifications VLT

  • Standard pile range  600 mm - 6,600 mm / 24 - 260 inch
  • Standard up to 2000t line pull
  • Water depth up to 500m
  • Certification: Lloyd's Register CLAME (Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment)
  • Available for sale & rental
  • Patent pending design




An evolution in VLT-U use has taken place over the years from simple pile handling into use during various installations, such as:

  • Pin pile installation
  • Jacket pile installation
  • Monopile installation (XXL)
  • Anchor pile installation
  • Conductor pile installation
  • Decommissioning


Step 1

Pick up a stored pile

Step 2

Upend it  to vertical position


Step 3

Place it overboard, lift it to installation position and drive it down.

These steps can be done in one single handling operation! Measuring and adjusting the verticality while driving.


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